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Alice Yew Lou Yun (The Best Student Award, 2019)

Conscientious, hardworking, and thoughtful are accurate descriptors of Alice as a student. At all time, Alice works with enthusiasm, initiative and constantly strive to be perfect in everything. She is a loving mother, a caring wife, a responsible home maker and also a volunteer who serves special needs children in the church. In the class, she is a humble, down to earth, matured and helpful friend to all her course-mates. Alice exhibits good teamwork, excellent organizational skills, analysis skills and most of all she takes pride in all the works she has done. Her never give-up and persistence-perfect-striving spirit has kept her working diligently and put her studies in the Diploma Programme certainly makes her deserving the overall best student award of year 2019.


Chew Siu Fong (The Best Positive Attitude Student Award, 2019)

Ms. Chew Siu Fong showed great initiative and enthusiasm in her studies. Throughout the Diploma programme, she had been a consistent learner and her performance in the programme had been encouraging. She actively organized events and participated in activities throughout her studies in the institute. She took initiative to share her knowledge with peers and lead small group revision. Her motivation, endless positive efforts and interest in children's learning has enabled her to attain the award.


Johannah Ang Thien Hsien (The Best Teaching Practice Student Award, 2019)

Ms. Johannah Ang Thien Hsien is a student with a great will and determination. Drives with her passion towards children, makes her study for Early Childhood Education course. During her studies in Institut CECE, she is a student who is positive, hard-working and always strive for the best. Furthermore, she can be describe as a person that is approachable, hold lots of affection and yet stand firm on what she believes. These characteristics makes her a potential future educators. Her diligence paid off as she has done well in her coursework and the eight-week teaching practice to attain the Best Teaching Practice Student Award.


Low I-Juen (Trainer)

I was first attracted to Institut CECE because they offered weekend part-time courses, which meant that I could still work on weekdays while studying. The next thing that appealed to me was their course fee - it was reasonable and affordable. A few months after attending classes, I knew I had made the right decision by enrolling myself for the Certificate in Early Childhood Course.  The modules offered were beneficial in helping me attain the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of an educator. Most importantly, I was able to apply what I had learnt directly in my teaching. Right after I completed my Certificate Course, I enrolled myself for the Diploma Course without hesitation. Till today, I am still adopting the thematic, integrated and child-centred approach that the institute focuses on, which is effective in providing children with a balanced and holistic way of learning. The amazing thing is that I was also able to apply the approach when I was working as an ECE reliever in New Zealand! Thank you Institut CECE for playing a big part in shaping me into the educator that I am today!


Toh Chieh Wern (Undergraduate Student)

As students of the institute, the institute has provided us with enriched knowledge and experiences toward becoming qualified educators. The professional lecturers had guided us in acquiring the professional status in early childhood education.


Soe Chea Erng (Final year Student)

Institut CECE has given me an experience I will never forget. My journey for this diploma has indeed changed my perspective on learning and teaching and it has also prepared me for the responsibility to make changes in children’s life through early childhood education. Packed with activities and talks, lectures and tutorials, assignments and projects, along with a team of very dedicated lecturers and staff, my Institut CECE life became memorable. I learned how to work with children, as well as learning how team work is important as a teacher as an adult. Institut CECE has molded me to become a responsible person I ought to be and this is I thank everyone in this family. Although Institut CECE is small, but the experience gained from here is larger than life. I learned techniques and skills needed to be a teacher, principles and theories needed to understand children, form passion and commitment needed to work with children all thanks to Institut CECE for without them, I would not be where I am today.


Lee Wee Ling

Setelah mengambil DECE, saya dapat menambah ilmu pengetahuan tentang perkembangan kanak-kanak, teknik untuk merancang aktiviti yang seronok dan sesuai dengan kanak- kanak(DAP), serta sikap yang perlu ada pada seorang guru iaitu bertanggungjawab, penyayang, rajin, dan selalu memahami keperluan dan perasaan kanak- kanam. Saya mengetahui bahawa kita sebagai seorang guru haruslah mendidik kanak- kanak agar membantu perkembangan mereka yamg menyeluruh secara holistik dan kursus ini telah memberi saya pengetahuan yang lebih mendalam tentang langkah yang boleh diambil demi menghasilkan insan yang seimbang dari segi fizikal, emosi, jasmani dan rohani. Terima kasih CECE kerana membolehkan saya mengetahui tanggungjawab dan kewajipan sebagai seorang guru serta memupuk semangat dan sikap yang positif untuk terus berkhidmat dalam bidang pendidikan awal kanak-kanak.
Mei 2016


Christine Ling Kai Sing

Institute CECE has trained and equipped me with the right knowledge, skills and values which are applicable to my job. I have also been given plenty of opportunities to learn through practical experiences. Throughout my studies in Institute CECE, I have been given the chance to be a leader in group discussions. This has increased my confidence in sharing my opinions and speaking in front of public. You will never regret if you choose Institute CECE to start your journey to be a qualified early childhood educator.
May 2016



孩子像幼苗,需要我们全心全意的培育和引导。他们是那么的天真与纯净无暇,就像一尘不染的白布, 而我们身为儿童教育工作者,确实是有可能影响他们在以后的人生增添上怎样的色彩。儿童教育工作者的素质很重要, 所以我选择了在马来西亚学前教育学院就读。在这里,我学会如何观察幼儿,了解他们身心的需求与发展。在这里, 我长知识是因为学院提供了资深的讲师,专业与无私的教学与分享使我成功地成为了一位合格的教育工作者。我在学院所学到的知识, 教学理念及技巧,对我现时的工作,更是大有助益,所以我更要秉持学院的教学理念 "Always in The Service of Children" 对我们现时的学前教育尽一份心力,不分族群, 不分信仰的, 永远为儿童服务!


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